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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a diverse set of practices to help users find your website through search engines such as Google and Bing. SEO is equal parts maintaining and growing organic traffic to your site.

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Our services begin with an exhaustive website audit. We take into account the known factors that search engines care about to create an actionable list of specific prioritized changes to be made to your site. SEO audits find the factors that users and owners may not notice but search engines do. A visually stunning website may look like a wreck to Google. Southwest Media Group audits help clients make their website clean and easy to understand for search engines.

Technical SEO Services

Part of our website audit process is a full technical SEO audit. The technical SEO audit looks at how the website communicates with search engines, identifying potentially misleading signals, and any missing elements.

Clean Up Your Site

Uncovered Unseen Problems

Monitor For New Issues

Reporting and Analytics

As part of our SEO services, Southwest Media Group provides custom reporting and analytics. Our reporting goes beyond tracking organic traffic. We track progress against your SEO and content campaign goals and find new opportunities.

Content Strategies

While the fundamentals of SEO make a huge difference they have to be supported by strong content. Southwest Media Group helps clients map out content campaigns that find new customers and answer existing customers questions. Content campaigns are a strong component of organic growth, but proper planning is required to capture search traffic. For great content to be discovered organically, you need to know how people are searching.

Find New Opportunities

Find New Customers

Grow Organic Traffic

Competitive Analysis

Southwest Media Group provides competitive analysis of uncommon insights about the tactics your competitors are using. This includes gap analysis and relative rankings. From our competitive findings, we can provide a roadmap to close the gaps and gain ground.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO are those tactics which happen on your website. Onsite SEO changes are in your control, and make a difference in organic performance. We work with clients to provide an actionable list of changes to their website from optimizations to technical updates.

Optimize Your Site

Increase Rankings

Target New Keywords

Link Building Strategies

Southwest Media Group offers link building strategies to SEO clients. These strategies involve tactics to encourage other sites to link your website. Search engines take into account how many authoritative sites link to yours. Just as we analyze competitor onsite SEO tactics, Southwest Media Group also analyzes backlink gaps and opportunities.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is users who find your website through search engines without clicking on a paid ad. Users make searches for which Google or Bing find your website relevant. For many of the searches you appear, users will click on your listing in the search results. Organic traffic is “free” in that you don’t pay for the clicks.

How is it different from Paid Search?

Every paid search click has a cost. SEO is concerned with what happens when a user lands on your website not through a paid search ad. Paid search and SEO are complementary strategies. Paid search ads are at the top of the search results if they appear at all. “Organic” search results are listings search engines have curated but that no one has paid for. Paid search can make a difference in the flip of a switch while SEO drives impact over time. But just as fast as Paid Search is turned, on the moment it’s turned off it’s gone. SEO is an ongoing journey, but one that can have a lasting impact beyond your initial investment.


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