BDI Analysis Shapes Local Media Plans




Southwest Media Group partnered with a consumer package goods (CPG) brand to develop local market media plans that were designed to measure the impact of strategic paid media elements on overall brand lift and offline sales lift impact at key retailers across the country.

Test & Learn

Seasonal Sales Growth

Media Performance by Market


Southwest Media Group used BDI analysis to create a Test and Learn Framework that’s goal was to measure how sales lift was affected by different media test variables.

Markets were ranked and placed into tiers based on: Sales trend, product distribution, media availability & relative cost of media.

Markets were monitored throughout the course of each test window for total sales lift by SKU and by retailer.

Experian and comScore were utilized for additional offline Sales Lift Measurement. The data insights gathered from the test were used to provide strategic recommendations for the following year’s national plan.

Southwest Media Group identified critical moments in the customer journey and untapped growth opportunities across each market and the three major retailers we measured. A roadmap was created to prioritize future media tactics and strategically shift brand recall.



Creative Strategies Uncovered Through Media Insights

Increase in Sales Over Previous Year

Test Insights Identified Untapped Growth Opportunities


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