Measuring Digital Impact on In-Store Traffic




Southwest Media Group is dedicated to connecting the online to offline customer journey. For many of our retail and restaurant clients, we do this by connecting media activity to store-level sales data. This data is used to create more specific audience segments to target and to tailor strategies to reach the most valuable consumers at the right point in their journey.

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Without the critical link between in-store and online data, our client was not able to get a clear picture of their customer journey and know how their media activity was impacting sales data.

To find these connections, our client turned to our Business Intelligence Group to gain a comprehensive view of their customers’ online and offline behaviors. Actionable insights were provided via the client dashboard and allowed us to measure when an online visit resulted in an in-store purchase. With this information, Southwest Media Group tailored their media strategy to deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Using this data-driven approach, our client was able to attribute significantly more purchases to their digital media campaigns. They also discovered powerful new insights about their target audience — like that offline and online purchases follow the same day-of-week pattern. With these kinds of data driven insights, our client will be able to make the most of their online messaging no matter where it reaches their customers.


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