Southwest Media Group Expands Digital Insights With ToggleShift

Partnership charts new territory on social media measurement at the product level

Southwest Media Group, a premier independent media and marketing services agency in the region, has teamed up with ToggleShift to become the first agency to use a new measurement technology that provides social media business insights at the product level for its brand and retail clients.

The partnership with ToggleShift is a part of the evolution of our digital media insights practice delivering recurring value to our retail and brand clients. Rather than relying on traditional social media analysis such as brand sentiment, Southwest Media Group is focused solely on consumer product level measurement connecting back to one of the key business metrics for our clients – revenue.
Eric Schaefer, Chief of Digital Strategy at Southwest Media Group

Schaefer joined Southwest Media Group in early 2014 to lead the agency’s growing development of a programmatic strategy team and digital media insights practice. As the influence and use of social media channels continue to affect how consumers interact with brands and retailers, he believes the need to measure those interactions at the product level becomes more imperative.

With ToggleShift’s focus on detailed measurement of retail product reach and exposure across social media channels, our partnership with Southwest Media Group is a natural fit to enhance its level of service to its retail clients, Southwest Media Group’s forethought to connect the dots with digital media insights is the perfect value opportunity for our Product Discovery Engine.
Michael Bielinski, Founder and CEO of ToggleShift

In addition to the ToggleShift partnership, Southwest Media Group has also grown its digital development and analytics capabilities and client offerings over the past year, including the acquisition of the award-winning digital agency YELLOW7 Interactive.

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