Eric Schaefer to Be Featured In Programmatic Panel

Eric Schaefer, Southwest Media Group’s Chief of Digital Strategy, will be featured in the roundtable series, “Marketing in the Programmatic Age.” The roundtable includes panelists from DataXu, PepsiCo and Slingshot and will focus on harnessing the power of data to reveal rich consumer and market insights. Topics to be discussed include: ad fraud, transparency, viewability, measurement, data and consumer intelligence, omnichannel, and best practices for adapting to the programmatic age.

For more information, please visit: http://www.bdionline.com/event/031015programmatic/

About Data Xu

DataXu is a petabyte scale marketing cloud that enables marketers to better understand and engage their customers. Powered by Active Analytics™, their patented approach to Programmatic Marketing, the DataXu Marketing Cloud is a suite of applications that transform big data into better customer experience – at the speed of life. Their software helps marketers focus their marketing investments and achieve optimal results across all available media formats, devices, channels, and buying modes. With thirteen offices in nine countries, DataXu is powering the digital transformation of the world’s most valuable brands.

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