Director Of Search Marketing, Brandy Eddings, To Present At State Of Search Conference

It can sometimes be very difficult to discover and compile words for certain industries, niche products or offerings. Brandy Eddings, Southwest Media Group’s Director of Search Marketing, will share some creative and helpful ways for finding those elusive little idioms using the five W’s.

  1. Who – Really get to know who your targeted audience is.

  2. What – Identify what verbiage your ideal searchers use to describe the products or services.

  3. When – This type of research should be done before any campaigns go live. Avoid wasting time on keywords that bring in no traffic or [omit] even worse wasting money on terms that bring in high volumes of irrelevant clicks.

  4. Where – Identify if there are any geographical dialect elements that should be taken into consideration. ex. Coke, Pop, Soda or color vs colour

  5. Why – Never guess what keywords to use. Putting the time in to do proper keyword research from the very start will save you time down the road trying to explain to an unhappy client why the poorly compiled keywords have no conversions and are losing them money.

For more information, please visit: http://www.stateofsearch.org/ppc-strategic-keyword-research/

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